SS Rig and Vac Ltd. is the home of quality oilfield equipment manufacturing and servicing including flushbys, rod rigs, pressure trucks, pump trucks, vac trucks. By exceeding the Canadian Government and industry standards we are able to provide top quality equipment to oilfield companies worldwide.

SS Rig and Vac is comprised of employees with over 100 combined years of service in the oilfield equipment industry including experience in designing, manufacturing and servicing vac trucks. Our experienced team produces the highest quality flushbys, pressure trucks, pump trucks, vac trucks and custom fabrication to our customers around the world.

The SS Rig group includes CrizMic Industries, a leading edge company, with manual tong rebuilding, elevator rebuilding & pull testing products and services. CrizMic’s state of the art equipment also includes hydraulic elevators and casing and drilling pipe elevators. 

The SS Rig group also includes Archway Enterprises which produces quality custom metal products including punching, forming, shearing, grinding, drilling, tapping, extreme angle sawing, MIG and TIG component assembly.

We have been authorized by Transport Canada to affix the National Safety Mark to our flushbys as a final stage manufacturer. Many of our products can be customized to fit your needs; let us know how we can help.