Providing the highest quality oilfield equipment and service to the global community was the vision of Darcy Nystrom and Scott Tyldsley and has been the concept behind their company SS Rig and Equipment Ltd. since its launch in 2008.

In 2014, SS Rig and Equipment changed our name to SS Rig and Vac Ltd. to reflect some of the new products and services we provide our customers.

SS Rig and Vac Ltd, based out of Nisku, Alberta, Canada, is comprised of employees with over 100 combined years of service in the oilfield equipment industry including over 14 years experience in designing, manufacturing and servicing vac trucks.

Together, Darcy and Scott’s team has produced progressive and successful relationships with customers in diverse areas with diverse demands. SS Rig and Vac ensures the highest quality by working closely with individuals, units and organizations to create a more efficient and exceptional product.

All mechanical, fabrication and certification services are completed on-site, which provides efficient and economically superior options for our clients. In-house control over production also allows for exceptional quality of workmanship.

SS Rig and Vac Ltd. commits to continually exceed our customer’s expectations for quality oilfield equipment manufacturing and servicing. By exceeding the Canadian Government & Industry Standards we are able to provide top quality equipment to oilfield companies worldwide.

As of Jan 2018 we have moved to a new facility and changed the name to SS Rig & Vac Inc.

The staff of SS Rig and Vac Inc.