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The highest quality oilfield equipment


Our basic Flushby unit has a 54� / 16.4m nominal height mast, that is available in both conventional / slant or conventional configurations. A rod board may be added to allow for the hanging of single rods. These masts are Engineer certified for 50,000lbs / 22,300 daN, in both slant and vertical modes.

We also now offer Flushbys in 63� and Telescoping 72� configurations, for both single and double rods.

These Flushby units typically have a Gardner Denver TEE-F Triplex pump complete with a 3� gear type feeder pump. As a Transport Canada Registered Portable Tank Facility , we mount a TC406 Flushby product tank on the unit. The configuration of the tank is a typical Flushby tank.

The Flushbys main winch is a Pullmaster HL-25, with an extra capacity 3/4� grooved drum. The auxiliary winch is a Pullmaster PL-5.

The Flushby may be equipped with a picker at the rear bumper, (Maxi-lift, Fassi, Hiab).

These Flushby units are free standing and use hydraulic leveling jacks.

We have also been authorized by Transport Canada to affix the National Safety Mark to our Flushbys as a final stage manufacturer.

Our major Flushby components are designed to fit most standard truck chassis, so choice of the chassis make is only limited to some minor considerations.

These Flushby units may also be fitted with some custom equipment as requested by the customer.

Pressure Trucks

Our Standard Pressure Truck is equipped with a Namco 450hp split box coupled to a Gardner Denver Triplex pump.

However our Pressure Trucks are custom built for our customers specific needs so pump, split box, tank makes and sizes can be changed at any time.

Pump & Vac Trucks

As with our standard Pressure Trucks, our standard Pump Truck is equipped with a Namco split box and a Gardner Denver triplex pump. The Pump Truck is also a highly customized unit, so decking, winches, tool boxes, etc. will be different with each unit.

Custom made for you

Many of our products can be customized to fit your needs.

All mechanical, fabrication and certification services are completed on-site, which provides efficient and economically superior options for our clients. In-house control over production also allows for exceptional quality of workmanship.


SS Rig and Vac offers the highest quality flushbys, pressure trucks, pump trucks, vac trucks and custom fabrication such as our Pneuvax Air-Vacuum Excavator to our customers around the world. 


SS Rig and Vac provides inspections, certifications, repairs and servicing to service rigs, pressure trucks, vacuum units, heavy trucks, Pneuvax Air-Vacuum Excavators and all components.

Used Equipment

SS Rig and Vac offers quality used flushbys, rod rigs, pressure trucks, pump trucks, vac trucks and Pneuvax Air-Vacuum Excavators. Please see the used equipment we currently have for sale.


We have been building high quality oilfield equipment since 2008 - see some of our past and present builds of flushbys, pressure trucks, pump trucks, vac trucks and Pneuvax Air-Vacuum Excavators.

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