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Our Services

On-site mechanical, fabrication and certification

Service Rig + Flushby Components

Level Four Inspections
Mast inspections and repairs
Draw works inspection and repair
Pumps, mud tanks 

Vacuum Units + Heavy Trucks

Electronic Systems, Hydraulic Systems, Controls and Assemblies (pumps, motors, control valves, cylinders, jacks, etc.)
General repairs 
Wash Systems
Deck replacement,  Welding MIG and TIG welding
Piping replacement (non-code, non-pressure rated)

Electric + Hydraulic

Trouble shooting and repair
Equipment replacement
Wiring replacement
Trouble shooting and repair
Component rebuilding (if economical)
Component replacement
Hose replacement
Oil filtering or replacement 
Oil analysis: Count or Content
Full system oil flush and cleaning

Custom Fabrication

Bring us your concept or complete design and let us bring it to life.
Over the years we have worked on a number of projects for our customers.  From Custom Oilfield Equipment,  custom Wash Systems and mounted components to Hydraulic conversions on tree grooming equipment.
If you have something you want to build, give us a call 

Ask us your service questions 

All mechanical, fabrication and certification services are completed on-site, which provides efficient and economically superior options for our clients. In-house control over production also allows for exceptional quality of workmanship.


SS Rig and Vac offers the highest quality flushbys, pressure trucks, pump trucks, vac trucks and custom fabrication such as our Pneuvax Air-Vacuum Excavator to our customers around the world. 


SS Rig and Vac provides inspections, certifications, repairs and servicing to service rigs, pressure trucks, vacuum units, heavy trucks, Pneuvax Air-Vacuum Excavators and all components.


SS Rig and Vac offers quality flushbys, rod rigs, pressure trucks, pump trucks, vac trucks and Pneuvax Air-Vacuum Excavators. Please see the equipment we currently have for sale.


We have been building high quality oilfield equipment since 2008 - see some of our past and present builds of flushbys, pressure trucks, pump trucks, vac trucks and Pneuvax Air-Vacuum Excavators.

Contact Us

SS Rig & Vac Inc.
1801 8 st, Nisku, Alberta T9E 7S8, Canada